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We know that this school year brings a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.

You’re worried about your child’s safety, but you want them to spend time with other kids.

You are stressed about the idea of having to teach them because you have a job.

There's so much to consider when you would much rather be spending quality time with your family.

Don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered at The Confident Learning Lab.

What is Confident Learning Lab?

The Confident Learning Lab is a magical place where just 9 children, ages 6 to 12 (1st grade and up), can come together and complete their school work (public, private or homeschool curriculum) with the support of a teacher who is invested in their success. 

On top of that…we love to laugh and have fun!

The Confident Learning Lab guides your student through their school work and reinforces school subjects (math, reading, geography, and more) with our own music and growth mindset curriculum. 

Daily outdoor time for a short walk or yoga keeps minds fresh and oxygenated. (weather permitting)

In addition to helping them with their assignments from school, we'll be teaching two fun classes each week:

 🎵 Music FUNdamentals
🧠 🌱Growth Mindset Mastery

Every part of our Music FUNdamentals curriculum was written around the requirements of the US Common Core arts standards.

Our weekly music class includes:

  • History of Rock and Roll
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Great Composers
  • World Music and More

They'll learn rhythm, ear training, coordination, teamwork and more. Plus there's no singing for safety. 

Each week kids are experiencing the stress relief, confidence building, socialization, and fun it brings. 

As a parent, you want your kids to be confident and resilient with high self-esteem and ambition to achieve great things in life.

And at the same time, you don't want them to be afraid of making a mistake or think they "can't do" before they even try.

Developing the right mindset early on is crucial for a successful, happy life.

If a child possesses a growth mindset, they can look at tasks with a “go-getter” attitude and are able to bounce back from challenges with an optimistic point of view.

    When they fail at something they understand that they can use that experience to learn new ways to achieve growth towards a goal.

    Not surprisingly, this type of mindset is strongly linked to greater happiness and achievement in life.

    With fun activities, journaling, and more, we'll help your child learn that effort and mistakes help us get better at things.

    They'll feel empowered and try harder.

    When they know their brains are capable of growing, they are more confident, resilient, and can push through the fear of failure!

    We'll help them go from “I can’t” to “I’ll keep learning until I can.” 

      What you get:
      • Limited to just 15 children and just 2-5 kids in each pod/room to reduce distractions
      • Individual support and facilitation based on your school/home school assignments with a real teacher. 
      • A safe and disinfected environment.
      • Socialization with other kids.
      • Daily outdoor time brain breaks (walks, yoga, etc.) weather permitting
      • Common core aligned music curriculum each week helps reinforce math, geography, art, reading and more!
      • Weekly Growth Mindset curriculum bolster confidences and reduces stress

      Your time back.
      (Imagine everything you can get accomplished!)

      Who is the Confident Learning Lab for?

      This is for the parent who:

      • has had enough of the anxiety and confusion
      • is overwhelmed by all the change 
      • wants normalcy and consistency for their child
      • desires peace of mind knowing their child is having a great experience while in a learning environment
      Here's a tour of the space
      and a little about our vision
      Meet Your Lab Teacher Melissa Sondergeld-Hood
      You probably have some important questions.

      We've got answers!  

      How are we maintaining a COVID-free and safe environment?

      We are:

      • Limiting our program to 15 kids TOTAL.

      • No more than 6 students per classroom to limit their distractions.

      • Social distancing at 6 feet or more

      • Every child has their own desk and supplies for the entire quarter.

      • Disinfecting surfaces multiple times a day.

      • Requiring that every student wears a mask.
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      What does a day at the Confident Learning Lab look like?

      Students arrive at 8am After a quick temperature check, they go to their desk.

      They organize/look over their assignments.

      They have breaks, snack, lunch, complete their school work and twice weekly their learning is reinforced with our music and growth mindset curriculum which includes a lot of hands-on projects.

      We'll have daily outdoor time (weather permitting) including a walk or a yoga or stretch break.

      Pickup is anytime between 1pm-3pm based on what your child, and your family, needs. 

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      Are you providing curriculum or can my child do their PPS or other schoolwork?

      We provide music and growth mindset curriculum and outdoor activities (weather permitting.)

      The rest of day your child will be working on the curriculum provided by their school or the homeschool curriculum you've selected.

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      How will you be helping my child?

      Because of the very small group size and our unique views on education, we will be working one-on-one with your child with any questions or help that they need.

      Our music curriculum includes a lot of visuals, hands-on projects, and other manipulatives to make sure your child fully understands what they are learning.

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      How will you be helping me?

      Just imagine how you'll feel when you know your child is supported in their school work, getting questions answered, making friends and having fun while you can work without interruption. You'll pick them up and delight in the smile on their face and excited to hear about the fun they had. 

      And knowing they are getting to make music in a safe way...well that's just some delicious icing on the cake.

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      What are your teaching qualifications?

      Our teachers have over 15 years of education experience in all subjects including math and addition to music.

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      What supplies will my child need?

      Your child will need to bring their assignments from their school with them every day...including all information from the teacher about those assignments.

      They will also need snacks, a packed lunch, and a water bottle.

      A yoga mat for outdoor yoga or stretching. 

      A device to join their online classes on (laptop/tablet/chromebook)

      Optional: network adapter if your device doesn't have a port for ethernet/wired internet. Each desk has it's own wired network connection for more consistent fast internet.  

      If you would like them to have their own school supplies, you may provide those, but we will have the basics!

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      What is the teacher to child ratio?

      The teacher to child ratio is 8 students to 1 teacher, which is lower than the current state recommendations. That means, more support and attention for your child.

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      What happens if you get more applications than we have spots?

      Spots are first come, first served.

      We'll start a waitlist if we have more.

      Our fall term families will get the first right of refusal for the winter term. Then we'll open up spots to the waitlist for the next term.

      How does the partial scholarship work?

      You enroll below so a spot is saved for your child and indicate you're interested in scholarship. 

      We schedule an in-person meet and greet to make sure our program is a good fit for your child and your family.

      We reach out to discuss your situation and share the scholarship details with you. If you accept, you're in.

      No one knows you're receiving a scholarship except our studio director.

      If you don't accept, we'll refund your deposit.

      No tuition will be billed until you accept and we agree on an installment plan.

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      Got a question not listed here?

      Click here and let us know. We'll get right back to you. 
      What Happens Next?

      - Fill out our enrollment form

      - Register with your deposit. ($150 applied to your tuition)

      - We'll schedule an short on-site "meet and greet" or a "trial week" to make sure our program is a good fit for your child.

      - Receive your welcome email.

      - Take a breath. We’ve got it from here.

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      Due to COVID-19, we are limiting our program to just
      15 students
      so you need to sign up today!

      Next Session starts
      February 1.
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      Still on the fence?
      Check out what other parents are saying!


      My girls absolutely love going to ‘school’ at your lab.

      Thanks for all the hard work you and your team does. 

      MB, mom to P (1st Grade)  and R ( 4th grade ) 


      She’s feeling more confident too. Thank you for all that you do for T and us! We don’t know how we’d get through this crazy time without you. She especially likes your teaching style...she mentioned it to me a couple days ago.

      MK, mom to T (1st Grade)


      Great Side Effects

      This morning Charlotte started telling me a bunch of addition like 4+3 is 7, 2+3 is 5, and a number of combinations she worked out.

      When I asked her how she figured all this out all of the sudden she said music class!

      It’s like the math light went on in her head. Really neat.

      Thank you.

      Aaron C.


      Confident Voice Studio Receives 2019 and 2020 Best of Portland Award

      Confident Voice Studio has been selected for the 2019 Best of Portland Award in the Music and Performing Arts School category by the Portland Award Program.

      Each year, the Portland Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Portland area a great place to live, work and play.